May 22, 2017




This module utilises the skills and knowledge you developed during the Research Methods Module, it involves you in identifying a subject for research, developing a research proposal, conducting secondary and primary research and the presentation of your findings. You have the opportunity to research any aspect of design / design management that interests you, your choice of topic will be influenced by a number of factors:


- What interests you

  • Design

  • Innovation

  • Education

  • Substinhabilities 

  • Credibilities

- What might be useful for your future career

  • Learning by Doing: Role play as a student & tutor

  • Test & refine the business model: Startup a online platform for demonstration 

  • Conducting the findings of the development of human resources in the future

  • Connecting high education with commercial industries

- What is topical and of current interest

  • Psychologies & Philosophy

  • Connecting Universities

  • Early education programs

  • Human resources & high education relationship and development 

  • New / virtual currency & credibility/ranking

  • Technology investment & new economy


- Your intended MA Design Management pathway

  1. Professional Practice
    - I already have 10 years brand design & marketing management work experience 
    - I have my own business, so I do not find my interested in developing my career for other’s business

  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    - I have already ran my design business for 7 years.
    - My company have a potential to grow up to a scale more than 5 people in 1 year.
    - Our project has already applying
     for incubation programme

  3. Sustainable Design Policy
    - I can rarely find a course providing professional sustainability application in the market
    - It would provide me a window to connect the sustainable future globally
    - It fits my career gold of seeing up a sustainable education platform.


  4. Service Design
    - It can no cover the range of my career goal with various knowledge and technical connections.


What is the 4 "PATHWAYS"?


Professional Practice

Design management aims to bridge the gap between design and business, designers and non-designers. Students examine aspects of the design management process and the strategic role of design. Insight into design practice enables students to develop their strategic skills, learning how to manage people and process, identifying the real value of design and articulating how return on investment can be quantified.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of design with over half of UK design businesses employing five or less people. Students interested in setting up their own businesses explore the nature of entrepreneurship and innovation and may develop a business plan as their dissertation.


Sustainable Design Policy

Sustainability is high on the agenda for all businesses and organisations worldwide. This pathway provides the opportunity to research the relationship between design and organisational policy and explore the role of designers in achieving a sustainable future.


Service Design

The dramatic growth of the service economy means that service design is becoming increasingly important. This pathway creates the opportunity to explore the specific role that design plays within the design of services and the service sector.



- Limitations of access for research

  • Languages: access and translating for non-English resources

  • Secondary research: resource mostly in academic format, hard for me to understand and extract.

  • Primary research: only a few open source and research methods can collect the operation and strategy of a education platform.

  • The conflicts of investigating the provider of the program I am studying


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