April 3, 2017


"Professional Development" the second module of my 2 years design management master degree. If you still remember my last blog entry, that I am not going to fail again since this module is what I am doing all the time for  business presentation. Also it is a great chance for me to learn: How to"sales pitch"(assignment)  my "client" (university) in an academic way.


For all the sections, I believe the "Learning style & method" would be the most challenging part of this assignment for me, since it requires solid references from official publishments via online or offline channels with correct reference format and systems. Tonight I am going to have a google hangout online tutorial with our UK tutor Caroline at 3/4 20:40 HKG local time.




This module is designed to ensure you fully exploit the opportunities provided by this

master’s programme. It will involve learning about yourself, personal goal setting, identifying

what knowledge and skills you have, what you need to achieve your career goals, and

planning how you will use the course to maximize your future opportunities.




The module will involve you in: a review of your background, an ‘audit’ of your current skills,

knowledge and personal attributes (qualities), personal goal setting, and the development of

a flexible plan for the course and beyond. This will be a highly reflective process and will

consider your situation from both a professional and a personal perspective. Your plan will

consider professional development theory and you will explain how secondary research has

informed your planning process (making reference to secondary sources where appropriate).

At the end of the module you will make a short personal presentation and also submit a

written and illustrated study plan. Your plan and presentation should be based around these



Where am I now?

 Qualifications, experience (and feedback from this), skills, knowledge, personal

attributes (qualities), values & motivators.


Where do I want to be?

 Ambitions, goals (personal and work related), your vision, what exactly and by when?

What opportunities are there?

 Sectors, types of organisation, potential employers / competitors, trade organisations,

trends, types of roles, employment / self employment / portfolio working etc.


What do I need to get there?

 Barriers to overcome? Skills, knowledge and attributes needed, generic and sector

specific? Resources? Contacts?


How am I going to use the course?

 Learning style?

 The course aims, specific modules, extra-curricular opportunities, Student Services,

networking, key events?






The module will involve you in secondary research into professional development theory,

putting the theory into practice and reflecting on what you’ve learned to develop a personal

development plan for the course and beyond. You will be supported by a series of classes in

the form of lectures, seminars, workshops and on-line activities that address the different

aspects of professional development. Along with this brief, Moodle is the central point of

guidance for all aspects of the module with research, tasks and activities being notified on a

weekly basis.




There are two assessed components:


A PechaKucha style presentation (40% of the overall module mark)


Starting with a 20 second ‘elevator pitch’, your presentation will be made up of 20 slides, each slide timed to last 20 seconds and change automatically. Your presentation will address the questions outlined in the brief and be designed to exploit the visual qualities of PechaKucha presentations. All students to attend all presentations, individual times for presentations will be allocated. You should upload a soft copy of the presentation to Moodle by 12.00, Monday 1 May 2017, and submit two hard copies of the slide hand out to the Module Tutor, before your presentation starts.



Written plan and rationale (60% of the overall module mark)


Your written plan will address the questions listed earlier, it will consider professional development theory and explain how this secondary research has informed your planning process (making reference to secondary sources where appropriate). The written plan should be accompanied by appendices including the following:

your CV, ‘Biography’, LinkedIn profile, a ‘map’ of your personal network and a timeline for the academic year(s) highlighting key dates and networking opportunities. The written plan is likely to be written using both the ‘first’ and the ‘third’ person, if you are unclear about how to do this, see the Writing Guidance on Moodle. The written plan should be 2,000 words (+/-10%), one hard copy of your written plan to be submitted to the Module Tutor before your presentation starts, soft copies to be uploaded to both TurnItIn and Moodle by 12.00, Monday 1 May 2017.



Assessment criteria


Your work will be assessed against the module learning outcomes, we are looking for:

 Critical self-awareness, self-reflection and the ability to continue to learn through reflection on practice and experience.

 Demonstration of understanding of professional development tools and methods.

 Effective communication verbally, visually and in writing."






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